Pop quiz!

To take the quiz you will need to identify the person with whom you would most like to conduct carnal intimacy. Depending on your age and persuasion it could be anyone from Gable to Gosling, Bardot to Beyoncé. Do you have a name? Good. Now you are ready to take the quiz.


Would you rather…

A) Conduct carnal intimacy with *insert above name* while a two-inch-long centipede wiggles in your right ear, or

B) Receive a million tax-free dollars on the condition that you must first, for eight hours per day, every single day for a year, wear Beats By Dre headphones listening to the audiobook of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue: An American Life (read by the author)?

There is no need to share your answer. In fact it is better if you do not.

Thank you for playing.