My friends

It pleases and flatters me beyond words that I have friends who are as smart, thoughtful and engaging as they show themselves to be online.

Just today, two of these good people shared long, well-considered comments about a blog post. It took time and effort on their part and I felt good because of it.

I remembered a session some months ago with my shrink in which I remarked on how lucky I was to have such a strong support network, so many people who care about me and make my life better.

“What do you mean – lucky?” (I like my shrink because he’ll call me out when necessary.) “Those people are around you because you gathered them. You chose them.”

“Give yourself a little credit” was his point.

So today, as I relished the gift of the people who enrich me, I stopped and gave myself a little credit. I’ve done a pretty good job.

But I’m still very lucky.