Photos of the week

These pics didn’t fit anywhere else but I like them.

Man with Pigeons, Place Georges Pompidou, Paris

There’s a man in this cloud and he was scattering seed with abandon. I realize that many people will look at the picture and cringe – something about flying rats – but I’ve always preferred to think of them as City Eagles. This could just as well have been me in New Orleans, London or Venice, some of the great pigeon cities where I’ve had the pleasure of scattering seed.

Fitou, Languedoc-Roussillon
Gargoyle in the rain, Basilica of St. Nazaire and St. Celse, Carcassonne
Canal du Midi, from Pont Marengo, Carcassonne

I’d heard of the Canal du Midi but didn’t know much about it before now. It connects the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. This lock dates to the late 18th century. Note the oval shape, which was revolutionary at the time. The engineers used the concept of the vertical arch to support the sides of the lock.

Goat, Fitou

This fellow’s bell tells me it’s time to turn around when I bike or run west from town. It’s all uphill that way.