Who knew?

You really have to wonder how some people get through the day.

I subscribe to Quora, an online forum where people ask questions and other people, people presumably with expertise in a certain subject, give answers. I choose the subjects that interest me so my feed isn’t cluttered with discussions of crewel embroidery, recidivism rates of murderers younger than 6, and popular hair styles among mid-17th century Latvian dwarves.

I follow food, politics and a few other topics, and when the daily email arrives it’s usually good for one or two “Who knew?” moments. I learned only today, for example, that there is no “best HVAC,” nor a favorite type of cracker among Peruvian plumbers. And I learned that it is indeed possible to be something called “important” if you have both a felony record and schizophrenia.

But sometimes — too often for comfort, if you ask me — people will post questions on Quora that make you contort your face, tilt your head and ask, “Huh?” Here are some recent Huh?-inducing Quora questions:

What is it like to move from Evansville, Indiana, to Pawtucket, Rhode Island?

How do people keep getting caught robbing banks?

Can you attend Wednesday evening church service if you’re a Methodist with Bipolar disorder?

Did Concorde pilots feel bad because they got to log fewer flight hours than their counterparts on subsonic airliners?

What does a teacup poodle taste like?

Do you see what I mean?