What comes next

In the course of your everyday life you will talk to people. At work and at home, and in restaurants, bars and department stores, you will talk to people. You will enjoy talking to some, but not all, of those people.

I offer the following insights, developed over years of engagement with more than my share of stupid or otherwise unpleasant people, to help you know when to call it a day where conversation with stupid or otherwise unpleasant people is concerned.

1) When someone says, “All I know is,” be assured that what comes next will be idiocy.

2) When someone says, “Like I said,” be assured that what comes next will in no way enhance the conversation or elucidate on something the person already said. What follows “Like I said” is always, always, always a waste of time.

In normal circumstances I would elaborate and provide helpful examples when I give advice, but this topic has me so worked up I just can’t. But you know what I mean.