Still more for BuzzFeed

It’s been a while since I produced a list of topics for BuzzFeed quizzes. Twice in the past I suggested things sure to amuse BuzzFeed’s readers but, astonishingly, BuzzFeed has to date declined to accept my gift. Nevertheless, in the spirit of internet amity I offer seven new quiz topics:

Which bed linen thread count are you?
Which league under the sea are you?
Which LL Bean down parka temperature rating are you?
Which diacritical mark are you?
Which discontinued Baskin-Robbins flavor are you?
Which hepatitis virus are you?
Which light bulb wattage are you?

Again, I am just trying to help.

UPDATE: Until BuzzFeed gets off its ass I’m going to make my own quizzes from my excellent topic ideas. You can take the first of them here (Jan.11).
And you can take another here (Jan.12).
And here (Jan.13).
And here (Jan.14).

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: On January 15, 2015, I introduced a page on this site where readers can see all of my ClayBuzz quizzes in one place. Just click on the “Quizzes” link on the top of the page. Or click here.