More help for BuzzFeed

Over a month has passed since I first reached out to the people at BuzzFeed. While the material on their web site is reliably clever and amusing, I thought their offering of quizzes was becoming tiresome and kindly offered several new topics that might spur or renew interest, at least on my part. I submitted for BuzzFeed’s consideration not one but two lists of “Which Whatever Am I?” topics.

BuzzFeed has not responded to my overtures but, undeterred, I have produced yet another batch of quiz topics that are sure to generate, well, buzz. (Note to BuzzFeed editors: You may use these free of charge but with appropriate attribution. That’s the kind of guy I am.)

Which foodborne pathogen am I?
Which offensive smell am I?
Which year before the mast am I?
Which degree of doneness (beef only) am I?
Which species of Icelandic beetle (indigenous only) am I?
Which day of Christmas am I?
Which Maritime province am I? (Canadian players only)

I am just trying to help.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: On January 15, 2015, I introduced a page on this site where readers can see all of my ClayBuzz quizzes in one place. Just click on the “Quizzes” link at the top of the page.