BuzzFeed quizzes

The BuzzFeed Quiz spigot is open all the way lately. I’ve learned which U.S. president I am, which Gone with the Wind character I am, which DSM-5 condition I am, which pharaoh I am (eleventh dynasty forward only), and which edition of Larousse Gastronomique I am (1961 duh).

While I applaud their cleverness, I am approaching the limit of my amusement. I sent BuzzFeed a “tweet,” in fact, suggesting that I was pretty much “done” with the whole thing unless they were to create quizzes allowing me to find out which of the following I am:

Organ meat
Sammy Davis, Jr. song
Shade of Grey
I Love Lucy episode

(As of press time BuzzFeed has not replied to my “tweet.”)

Upon reflection, however, and in the spirit of not wishing to suppress anyone’s creativity, I have come up with additional areas in which I wouldn’t mind knowing where I fit, should BuzzFeed see their way to preparing quizzes:

Which South American national anthem am I?
Which non-Rob Lowe character in About Last Night… am I?
Which chocolate chip cookie recipe am I?
Which misdemeanor am I?
Which Dakota (either) First Lady am I?
Which Scandinavian dessert am I?
Which stage of a frog’s growth am I?

The folks at BuzzFeed generate a lot of interesting material and I hope they continue to do so. I am glad to help them in my own little way.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: On January 15, 2015, I introduced a page on this site where readers can see all of my ClayBuzz quizzes in one place. Just click on the “Quizzes” link on the top of the page. Or click here.