All alone

I went for a walk yesterday. It was raining a little and the sky was grey and low.

A snail was making its way across the path and I watched for a minute as it slunk glided slithered oozed inched steadily by. There was something oddly noble in the act and I admired it.

Later some flowers caught my eye. Peeking from between rocks or standing solitarily on a trail, these particular specimens took my mind back to the snail because they all went about their business alone, away from their gastropod or flower brethren.

Of course they don’t think about what they do but as symbols they’re useful for us.

We all know about the power of the community in the ant and bee realms and there are profound lessons to be learned there. But I also believe in the power and beauty of the individual.

There’s a herd of snails on this side of the path but I’m going to the other side. There’s a field of blue flowers there but I’ll stay here.

Staying alone isn’t always the easy path but it’s good to be reminded that it’s possible.